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  The above life-mantra is all you need to know. Don’t be surprised as you must be thinking that the article is about 42 pieces of advice and here is just a single sentence.Actually the above single sentence is an acronym for all the 42 below given pieces of advice that will now be retained in your mind forever.



  1. L:LIVE Life to the fullest. 尽情生活。

  2. A:Be AUDACIOUS in each and every nook of life situations. 勇敢面对生活的每一面。

  3. U:Life is UNPREDICTABLE. Never forget this in time of hopelessness. 生活不可预知,在绝望时也不要忘记这一点。

  4. G:Have GRATITUDE for each and every good thing that life offers you and in turn you will be rewarded with more smiles in life. 对生活中的每一件好事心存感激,这样生活会回报你更多的欢笑。

  5. H:Never give up on HOPE because that is what humanity consists of. People who hurt others, who do harm to their own species on the name of religion, cast or creed are the people who have already given up HOPE. So decide carefully before you cease to be a HUMAN.



  6. L:Be a good LISTENER. Rather than just speaking about yourself, allow others to speak. Listen carefully to others view point as this quality of yours can help you to develop your personality, improve your relationship, and be successful at all positions of your life. 做做一个好的倾听者。不要老是谈论自己,要给别人说话的机会。仔细倾听别人的观点,因为这个能力可以发展你的个性,改善你的社会关系,左右逢源。

  7. O:Have OUT OF THE BOX THINKING. Having the same perceived notions as everybody else can never lead you to success. An out of the box thinking can prevent the routine boredom away and can make you more creative thus opening your mind to new ideas.


  8. U:Develop your own UNIQUE IDENTITY. Stop being the part of a herd, rather use your own style and intellect which sets you apart from others.


  9. D:Never base your DECISIONS on an impulse. Important life Decisions should never be taken in moments of extreme emotions like in anger, in enthusiasm or in depression as it can make you regret later. 绝不因冲动而做决定。不要在极端情绪下做重大人生决定,比如生气的时候,满腔热情的时候或者情绪低落的时候,这会让你后悔不及。

  10. L:Always keep LAZINESS at bay. Your lazy attitude can be a grave danger to your happy life, that accumulates your present problems and dump them into your future life.


  11. Y:Saying YES for everything can make your life problematic. You don’t owe anything to anyone, so it’s OK to say no for certain things you don’t like.



  12. T:TRAVEL as much as you can until you are young and able. Meeting new people, exploring new cultures and visiting godly creations around is the only thing that can easily grip you in the awe and wonder of Life’s mystical creations. So travel and explore the beauty of life as much as you can.


  13. O:Be a good OBSERVER. Try to observe and ponder what is happening around you. Be alert. Be awake. Often, the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden among the seemingly insignificant events of life. If you do not pay attention to these events, you can easily miss the opportunities.



  14. F:Ward off the FEAR of unknown. If you are afraid of being ridiculed or are frightened to cross the boundary of your dull life, you can never achieve your dreams.


  15. E:Don’t carry your EGO with you all the time instead try to be what you really are. Because an ego ridden soul is always in the fear of being attacked by someone else and always live in a virtual world of their own, where they never try to imbibe the knowledge and facts given by others.


  16. E:Inculcate EXERCISE in your daily routine. Think of the day when you were sick and you will surely realize the importance of good health. Without a good healthy body, it is impossible to concentrate your mind on something productive.


  17. L:LOVE yourself the most. Learn to love yourself first instead of loving the idea of someone else loving you. Because the foremost thing that is important in life and that is the key to a positive change in life is ‘you’ yourself.



  18. F:Develop the habit of FORGIVENESS. Yes, forgiveness is not always easy. But rather than holding a past grudge that can make your life hell and can harm you psychologically, try to become more strong mentally. It takes practice and effort to forgive, but it is well worth in the long run.


  19. R:Always REMEMBER your past mistakes as this can lessen your chances of making mistakes in future.


  20. E:Don’t be a EMOTIONAL fool. Try to be more pragmatic in life. Your emotions can sometime make you fall for the wrong person or thing.


  21. E:Make ENDURANCE your second nature. The power to withstand hardship or stress is not an attribute of a common man, only those who stand out of the crowd can show the quality of endurance. 学会忍耐。吃苦抗压的能力是平常人所不具有的,只有那些出众的人才会忍耐。


  22. A:Avoid AMBIVALENCE in life. Fix a certain goal in life and be sure of it. And once you have selected your priorities in life, abide by it instead of creating confusions in your life.


  23. N:Learn from NATURE. Observe nature and learn from it. It can teach you many things that is normally hard to get.


  24. D:Be DARING. Never shy away from things that are right for you or for others. Even if the crowd around is just a mute spectator of an injustice, be bold and daring to come forward and put things right.



  25. D:DREAM a lot. Never stop dreaming of achieving things you wish in your life. It keeps the fire of life burning. Only those who dare to dream are the people who finally strive to make their dream a reality. 敢于梦想。不要停止对渴望的事情的梦想。这是生命之火的源泉。只有敢于梦想的人,才能梦想成真。

  26. R:READ as much as you can. You will not only improve your vocabulary but also your knowledge about the world, different cultures and various people that will expand the horizons of your normal mind. So inculcate the habit of reading in your daily schedule and you will automatically feel the difference.


  27. E:ENJOY life to the fullest. Never cease enjoying life because of the new found responsibilities or because of the people around you otherwise the dullness of life will start haunting you, making you frustrated with your current situations. 尽情享受生活。 不要停止,因为新的责任或因为你身边的人。不然你将无法摆脱乏味的

  28. A:AVOID STRESS as much you can. Stress and strain has become a daily part of our normal life. But stress can be a source of unwanted problems that can make us weak not only psychologically but also physically. 尽可能避免压力。压力和负担已经成为了我们生活中的一部分。但是压力可能成为烦恼的来源,让我们身心疲惫。

  29. M:Believe in MIRACLES. Life is full of mystery that is unsolved till now and to believe in the existence of miracles makes it more mysterious. Thus the acceptance of our miraculous existence, indirectly adds a zing to the normal routine of our life. 相信奇迹。生活中满是不可思议的事情,相信奇迹会发生会使生活更加奇妙。因此接受我们本身即使神奇的存在,给生活增加点活力吧。


  30. B:Let BYGONES be BYGONES. Never carry the burden of your past history in the present moment. 让过去的就过去吧。不要一直背负着历史的负担。

  31. I:IGNITE the fire within. Never let your inner strength be marooned by the negativities of life.点燃心中的火。绝不要让你内心的力量陷入生活中的消极沼泽。

  32. G:Never GIVE-UP in any situation. Remember that giving up your belief or faith in something because of an incident that has gone against your will, is not a solution to your problem. Always stand by your faith and see the impossible turning into possible. 在任何情况下都不要放弃。记住,因为不如你意的意外放弃信念不算是解决之道。也一直坚持信念,在绝境中找到转机。


  33. F:Stay by the side of your FAMILY no matter how hard the situation is. 不管情况多么艰难,都要占在家人那边。

  34. O:Be OPEN TO NEW IDEAS. Never be rigid in your thought process instead try to accept change and imbibe new ideas in your life. 接受新想法。不要固化思维,试着接受改变和吸收新想法。

  35. R:Create a good RAPPORT around. Communicate in a well mannered way with others and always maintain a good reputation of yourself among the group of people you normally meet.与周围的人保持良好关系。礼貌地和别人交流,在你常见面的人群中树立良好形象。


  36. S:Learn to SHARE. Sharing is an important attribute in life that can make you realize the importance of giving to others.学会分享。分享是生活中的重要方面,能让你意识到奉献的重要性。

  37. U:Be UNDERSTANDING to your fellow beings. You may never know what other person might have gone through in life so never be judgmental in your approach.理解你的同伴。你可能不知道别人生活中经历过什么,所以永远不要从你的角度去评判别人。

  38. C:Avoid getting trapped by COMPLEXES. So whether it’s an inferiority complex or superiority complex, never identify with any of them as they can easily steal away your natural charm and appeal.避免被各种情结陷住。不论是自卑情结还是自负情结,不要以任何一种来标榜自己,这会让你天生的魅力和吸引力荡然无存。

  39. C:Be CURIOUS like a child. Never let the curiosity quotient drop in your life. As it is the only source that acquaints you with new knowledge and life discoveries.像孩子一样充满好奇。不要让好奇心从你的生活中消失。这是你学习新知识、发现新生活的唯一途径。

  40. E:Be EMPATHETIC to other feelings. As it enables clear and helpful expressions of caring and concern and sends message to another of acceptance (rather than apathy or opposition)。 Thus it creates an atmosphere of trust and genuineness with the people around you.同情别人的感受。这能清楚地表达出你的关心,向别人传达你接受他们的信息,而不是冷漠无情或者反对。这让你和周围的人相互信任。

  41. S:SPREAD JOY around. Live and let others live by being happy and sharing this happiness with the people around.传播欢乐。快乐地生活,并且将快乐传播给其他人。

  42. S:Be a SANGUINE personality. Try to induce positivity in each and every act of yours. 保持乐观。在每一个动作中都充满积极情绪。